Be a Freaking Shark

by | Oct 24, 2019 | A Case of the Mondays | 0 comments

***It’s Shark Week***

Okay…well maybe it’s not actually shark week, but it is another week and we assume you’re here for a little Monday Motivation. Did you know that sharks swim lower than their prey? They sense it above them and attack upwards! So if you’re feeling like you’re dragging on the floor and really *MEH* about your day, not willing to face an obstacle or avoiding handling your problems, then you need to start thinking and acting like a shark!

A shark does not depend on another animal to hunt for their food. They take control of their actions and do it themselves! If you want to take control of your day, the only one stopping you is YOU! Be a shark! Imagine your day, challenge or obstacle swimming above you and go JAWS all up on that thing. Attack it! Get after it! You determine how you react to and handle your day so be like a shark!

And watch the video below to find out what the worst gift CB’s hubby ever got her!

xoxo C+C

We get by with a little help from our favorite things.


One thing I couldn’t Monday without…


Mushroom coffee. No really. I drink it every single day and cannot get enough of it! Knowing I am putting some super foods into my body while drinking that first sip of absolute Heaven is just…well, the absolute freaking best! 



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