7 Steps to Accountability

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Have you ever had a dream or goal and been SO motivated day 1? And then comes day 4 and you’ve given up just as fast as you started? We want to make sure you achieve everything you set your mind to and want for your life! So we have come up with our 7 favorite steps to holding ourselves accountable! 

 First we want you to close your eyes and think of something you want for your life! Open your eyes…now let’s go! 

 1. Be Realistic – This doesn’t mean to not dream big, but rather to not set yourself up to fail. So often we make a goal that is not realistic causing us to give up or fail. If you make your goal achievable you have so much better odds to make your goal attainable. Break down your goal into increments that can and will be done even when you lose your motivation down the road. Think of the marathon rather than the sprint! Remember, you can do this! but you have to be realistic about it. Make a

2. Motto – Create your own motto or mantra that will apply to the goal you have. Make it specific to the goal that you are concentrating on. It is there so that when you want to give up, you hear that mantra in your head to  keep you accountable. Put it on a sticky note, as a reminder on your phone, or heck a tattoo on your wrist so you remember the reason why you started! This will give you a reason to stay accountable until you reach your goal

3. Prioritize It – Easier said than done. So many of us our guilty of excusing our goals as selfish rather than beyond important. You need to prioritize it and block out time for it. Treat this as a non-negotiable contract to yourself. Make it happen…or it won’t happen. Plain and simple!

4. Get ahead of yourself – Be smarter than yourself and then outsmart yourself. Imagine all the excuses that your brain could come up with and outsmart them before they can happen. If your goal is to wake up at 5am to work out then identify everything the future you will do to self-sabatoge and get the excuses out of the way. Set your work out clothes out, put your water bottle and keys by the door, be ahead of yourself. This will help you be accountable when you get all the potential roadblock out of the way. This might mean that you need to make some changes in you life, but change is good, especially when the results make your life better

5. Get real with your peeps – All aboard the accountability train! Get all your people on board. Find an accountability partner. Find a friend or family member who may have a similar goal and use each other to motivate, inspire, and push each other to stay accountable. It can make the journey a lot more fun and exciting to do it with someone else! And if you don’t need a partner it is as important to communicate your goal to the people you spend your time with. They can help you stay accountable when you express that it is important to you and their support and encouragement is needed. You owe it to yourself and to the people you love to be open and honest and get better.

6. Reward milestones along the way – Don’t dangle a carrot in front of your face that you can never reach. If you don’t reward yourself along the way it is easy to slip off the path. The reward seems out of reach so it becomes easier to give up. Give yourself rewards incrementally because “If we’re not cheering ourselves on along the way, then sometimes [the goal] doesn’t seem attainable” -CB. For example if you stay accountable for working out for a month, reward yourself with a new workout top, and for 3 months maybe reward yourself with a massage, etc…It could be whatever you want it to be, but incentivizing yourself along the way keeps us excited and moving forward! 

7. Take responsibility – You cannot hold yourself accountable if you are not willing to hold yourself responsible for every step along the way. You have to be responsible for your attitude, your thoughts, [and] your actions, because at the end of the day you only have yourself to rely on for the goal you set for your life. And on the reverse when you only have yourself to thank it is the biggest reward! 


And because everything begins and ends with kindness for us, don’t forget to always show yourself and practice kindness along the way. Hold yourself accountable for being kind to yourself and others and it makes the journey so much more fulfilling! Do your best to be a better version of yourself every day. We believe in you, but more importantly you need to believe in you! Get after it and hold yourself accountable!


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